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You don't know how lovely you are... FanVid [18 Aug 2012|08:58pm]

You don't know how lovely you are.. Robin/Maid Marian Fanvid
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Jonas in Prisoners' Wives - Tuesday [29 Jan 2012|09:48pm]

The first of six episodes of Prisoners' Wives is airing Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1, with Jonas co-starring as Steve Roscoe, in prison on suspicion of murder. As per the show title, the focus is on Steve's wife Gemma, along with two other prisoners' wives and a mother of a fourth.

trailer under the cutCollapse )

The official show website is here, and includes this character description of Steve:
Easy going, fun-loving and mischievous, Steve is great company. He is also a family man, devoted to his beautiful wife Gemma and over the moon about becoming a Dad. Finding himself in prison is a massive shock to Steve, but as long as he has Gemma by his side he thinks he can deal with anything.
It looks to be really good (as does he ;D), and yay for new Jonas stuff! :)
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Rage of the Yeti [12 Nov 2011|10:04am]

Tonight on the SyFy channel in the US, at 9/8c, Jonas Armstrong's going to be running from a Yeti. Or fighting a Yeti. Or eaten by a Yeti. Or maybe some combination of the above? Or none of the above?

Okay, so I don't really know what's going to happen, lol (though I assume those are fair guesses :D), but I do know that he's playing Bill in Rage of the Yeti, the latest original monster movie from SyFy.

trailer under cutCollapse )

There's a fantastic interview here with a few people from the movie; one with the director, David Hewlett, here; and another here with one of the actors, Matthew Anderson. On Twitter, @livehewlett and @Syfy (Craig Engler, senior exec at the channel and writer of the movie) have said they'll be live tweeting during it.

No air dates yet outside of the US, but I'll update if I hear anything. :)

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Upcoming stuff! [23 Jun 2011|11:55am]

I just came across @ArmstrongAngels on Twitter last night, so this probably isn't news to anyone who follows the account or (I'm guessing) frequents the website. They've posted links to an article about Twenty8k and this trailer for The Glass House: embedded video under the cutCollapse )
I'm not too clear on the release date for The Glass House; the trailer says this summer, but IMDb still has it listed as 2012. Either way, both films sound intense but very good. And YAY for Jonas on the big screen!! :)
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Field of Blood - Sunday and Monday [07 May 2011|08:03pm]

According to the BBC website here, Episode 1 of Field of Blood is airing on BBC1 Scotland on Sunday at 9pm, with Episode 2 on Monday. Show and character summaries from that link, under the cutCollapse )
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[06 Aug 2010|05:14pm]

Hello! I hope this is allowed - it's an ad for a new Robin Hood game. Please feel free to take a peek or delete if it bothers anyone. Thanks!

Age of ValorCollapse )
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Song/Slideshow: When I Look at You [08 Jul 2010|10:26am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title: When I Look at You
Author: jadey36
Media: Song/slideshow
Rating: G

A/N: An original song in praise of the lovely Jonas Armstrong.

Disclaimer: original characters copyright bbc/tiger aspect.

When I Look at You can be found on my journal page here: http://jadey36.livejournal.com/8824.html#cutid1

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Hottie [06 Jul 2010|03:56pm]


Hey im new to this community and  have already fallen in love with it. I love Jonas Armstrong! Wonder what we'd do without him lol? Extreme Hottie!

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Something Worth Fighting For part 2 [28 Jun 2009|03:31pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

I've made a picspam about the last scene of "Something Worth Fighting For part 2"

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[23 Jun 2009|11:06pm]

Hi guys.

I got permission to advertise, and I thought that with this comm being about Jonas there'd be a fair few Robin Hood fans. Well I'm a mod on an RP which is looking for characters, especially a Robin! it's set just after series 2 episode one and there's some other canons available, plus the option of own characters.

Please take a look, and if you have any questions, just ask:)


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[06 Apr 2009|03:55pm]

[o18] Robin Hood Icons (3x01)
[021] Doctor Who Icons (Mixed)
[oo4] Random Fandom Icons (Billie Piper, John Simm, James McAvoy, Harry Potter)
[oo2] Banners (Doctor Who)


find them all here @ creative_cherry
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icons [25 Mar 2009|06:56pm]


Robin Hood

(14) Robin & Marian
(14) Much Quotes
(11) Other Quotes


Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

See them all HERE at my journal
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icons [25 Mar 2009|06:58am]


Robin Hood
BBC Series
(31) Icons


Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

see them all HERE at my journal

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icons [12 Jan 2009|07:33pm]


Billie Piper (28)
Keira Knightley (12)
Jonas Armstrong (15)
Lucy Griffiths (9)
Helena Bonham Carter (12)
She & Him (21)


   Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket      

See them all HERE at my journal

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[11 Nov 2008|07:36pm]

[1-12] Lost season 4
[13-15] Kieren Hutchinson
[16-18] Greg Serano (presents for pilla06) ;)
[19-25] The Black Donnellys
[26-40] Robin Hood (some for robin_icontest and bowmaskstills)

[41-43] Prison Break season 4


HERE @ my lj
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[29 Oct 2008|02:58pm]

[oo4] John Simm Icons
[oo3] John Barrowman Icons
[oo4] David/Billie Icons
[oo2] James McAvoy Icons
[oo2] Johnny Depp Icons
[oo5] Billie Piper Icons
[oo6] Jonas Armstrong Icons
[o12] David Tennant in LLL Icons
[o18] North & South Icons
[o13] Ed Westwick Icons
[o17] Türkisch für Anfänger/Kebab for Beginners Icons
[oo2] Billie Piper Wallpapers
[oo6] Doctor/Rose Wallpapers


find them all here @ creative_cherry
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[19 Oct 2008|10:25pm]

Mixed Icon post with multiple fandoms (my friends and I had sort of an icon battle)


find them all here @ creative_cherry
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[14 Oct 2008|05:40pm]



The new Icontest just opened! Join and participate in the first challenge!
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[10 Oct 2008|08:12pm]

[1-9] The Black Donnellys
[10-14] Gerard Butler in "P.S. I love you"
[15-19] ATS & BTVS gobeheros
[20] Alexis Denisof in "The Ruth Rendell Mysteries"
[21-27] Christian Kane
[28-30] Josh Holloway
[31-34] Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny xfstills
[35-47] From "If I never see your face again" video by Maroon 5
[48-72] Robin Hood

[73] The Black Donnellys
[74-76] H.I.M.


HERE at my lj
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[05 Oct 2008|09:26pm]

[051] Robin Hood Icons (various episodes)


find them all here @ creative_cherry
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