Railise (railise) wrote in jonas_armstrong,

Rage of the Yeti

Tonight on the SyFy channel in the US, at 9/8c, Jonas Armstrong's going to be running from a Yeti. Or fighting a Yeti. Or eaten by a Yeti. Or maybe some combination of the above? Or none of the above?

Okay, so I don't really know what's going to happen, lol (though I assume those are fair guesses :D), but I do know that he's playing Bill in Rage of the Yeti, the latest original monster movie from SyFy.

There's a fantastic interview here with a few people from the movie; one with the director, David Hewlett, here; and another here with one of the actors, Matthew Anderson. On Twitter, @livehewlett and @Syfy (Craig Engler, senior exec at the channel and writer of the movie) have said they'll be live tweeting during it.

No air dates yet outside of the US, but I'll update if I hear anything. :)

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