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Jonas Armstrong

For the fans of Jonas on LJ

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Hello and welcome to Jonas_armstrong on LJ! This is a community for the fans of Jonas to get as much information as they can.
Post whatever you want: fan fiction, icons, fan videos, news, squees about Jonas, news and questions about his co-stars, jobs etcetc
Please be nice to your fellow Jonas lovers! Any issues that could arise let ME know and I will sort it out.
Tag your entries however you see fit- just something relevant would do! AND if you create fan fiction, videos or icons they will be added to the memories.
Always credit your sources. It's much easier and creates less havoc in the long run!
[Links and Sources]

I don't know if I need this, but I would like to point out that I don't know Jonas or how to contact him.
This community and all of it's coding was created by me on notepad, with special thanks to endless cups of tea, JAF and JA.biz for the images I took, the people who helped me code ElJay and Katie and Lucky over on the boards of JAF.